Snack Bar Terrace

Snack Bar · Ribes de Freser · Vall de Núria

Snack is the word for food served in small portions intended to be consumed in between main meals.

It is generally used to satisfy hunger temporarily, to provide a minimum amount of energy for the body, or simply for pleasure.

At l'Snack we have added a few more special details, come and discover them!

L'Snack TERRACE BAR is the casual spot of the centenary hotel and restaurant Els Caçadors, located in front of it. A place where everyone can find what they are looking for, whether it is a wine, a beer, a vermouth, a cocktail... while savoring the cuisine of Els Caçadors in a variety of tapas, platters to share, daily specials and desserts.

During the cold days, you will find a cozy and familiar place indoors. There is a more intimate corner to enjoy with your partner or in a small group, and a more versatile space to share with family or friends and spend some quality time together.

During summer and warm weather weekends, you will also benefit from the terrace, which allows you to enjoy the open air. Built over the Freser river, it is the ideal place to feel very close to nature and enjoy the calm of the murmuring of the river.

Our greatest satisfaction is to make our customers happy, while sharing moments at l'Snack, that's why we take care of the details, we offer quality and zero-mile products, and our aim is to make you feel like part of our family, professionally, but also with proximity.

We look forward to welcoming you for your SNACK MOMENT, sharing an appetizer, tapas, a casual meal or cocktails with the quality seal of ELS CAÇADORS.

L for Loving

Because there isn’t a better word to describe what we do, how we do it, and how we offer it to you.

Because sharing it with you and your loved ones, makes us happy.

S for Sharing

A space that is an invitation to enjoy, share, and above all, to spend quality time, that precious asset that is so hard to find nowadays.

If it comes with a varied menu, rich in fresh and zero-mile products, featuring dishes that are ideal for sharing and with great attention to the smallest detail, the evening becomes perfect.

N for Nourishing

A zero-mile product, prepared with love, which invites to be shared for nourishing the organism, but also to awaken all the senses while tasting it.

A for Atmosphere

Being able to disconnect while enjoying the views over the Freser river, and listening to the babbling of the water is a pleasure, and that's what you will experience on our terrace!

C for Caring

Visiting L'SNACK is synonymous with freedom. Feeling the fresh breeze on your face on a summer evening, listening to the birds flying freely around our terrace...

Coming to L'SNACK means enjoying an integral space on the Freser river and feeling totally free.

K for KM0 (Zero-mile products)

Our philosophy: cooking the product and offering the best quality and proximity. Helping our village, our region and our country!

We are what we eat and how we eat it, and that has always been a fundamental part of our philosophy!

Opening hours


From Monday to Saturday: from 11 to 23 h

Sunday: from 11 to 17 

Open kitchen: from 13 to 15:30 and from 20 to 21:30 

(Tables are not reserved)

Pet friendly