Hiking routes for SatNavs

The Vall de Núria offers a whole host of sporting activities, such as cycling, skiing and hiking. Set in the heart of the eastern Catalan Pyrenees and surrounded by peaks of almost 3, 000 m, the Vall de Núria is, thanks to its landscape and its easy access, a delightful place to get to know, admire and visit the high mountains in the Pyrenees.

Itinerànnia is a 2,500 km network of signposted foot paths between the Ripollès, Garrotxa and Alt Empordà regions, thanks to which you can organise a great variety of excursions, depending on how long you wish to spend on them, the degree of difficulty you want, or your cultural, architectural or natural interests, and others, which enable you to cross from the Pyrenees to the sea and from the sea to the Pyrenees.

We offer routes in gpx format so that you can download them and install them in your satnav: 

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