Molló Parc Animal Park

Molló Parc is a natural park in the forest that occupies a surface area of 10 hectares within the municipal area of Molló (Ripollès), in the heart of the Vall de Camprodon. It is some 600 metres from the centre of the town of Camprodon. The park offers visitors a trip to enjoy nature, lasting two or three hours. There are also areas to relax, a cafeteria and a picnic area. 

Designed for nature lovers, hikers, mountaineers and young children as well as teenagers, during the route, thanks to a variety of activities, visitors can appreciate the flora, learning to distinguish pine trees, oaks, holm oaks, ash trees, holly, poplars and beech trees. They can also enjoy the meadows and the charm of the mixed Pyrenees forest and discover its wildlife, walking among deer, fallow deer and roe deer; they can watch how the animals feed and rest, how they play and take care of their young and how they relate with each other. Domestic animals may not be taken in so as not to interfere with the natural habitat of the deer, fallow deer and roe deer, mouflon, bears, chamois, marmots and other many specimens of animal species in the Pyrenees.

More information at the Molló Parc. The Animal Park of the Pyrenees website.

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