Montgrony Sanctuary

The Montgrony Sanctuary is at an altitude of 1,408 metres, in an exceptionally beautiful place, with fabulous views of the Vall de Gombrèn. The Sanctuary site consists of the former rector's house, which is now the interpretation centre, the hostelry-restaurant, the Chapel of Our Lady of Montgrony and the Romanesque church of Sant Pere (12th century). 

There is a stairway with 63 steps to make it easier to get into the chapel where there is the image of the virgin of Santa Maria de Montgrony. Legend has it that Count Arnau ordered to have it chiselled directly into the rock and then refused to pay the workmen, meaning that his spirit haunts the place as a punishment for his behaviour.

An ideal place for climbing, doing excursions in 4x4 vehicles or on foot and enjoying the peace and quiet of this enchanted land of myths and legends.


More information at the Tourist Portal of the Ripollès Region.

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