The Yellow Train of Cerdanya

The Yellow Train (El Tren Groc de la Cerdanya) is the most special, emblematic line in Catalunya Nord, the part of Catalonia in France. It links Vilafranca de Conflent and La Tour de Carol and was built to make it easier to get from the Alt Cerdanya region to Perpignan, the capital of Catalunya Nord, through the Coll de la Pértiga. 

The line came into service in 1910, between Vilafranca and Montlluís. The line has a total length of 62 km, the first 28 of which go through Conflent and the other 34 of which pass through the Cerdanya region. It has a change of altitude of 1,100 metres, passing through several tunnels and over various bridges, with a maximum speed of 55 km/h. It is made up of eighteen passenger wagons, all yellow, of which the open air wagons are particularly successful during the summer.

You can check out the calendar, timetable and other information here.

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